NWTI to Build $3.5 Million Ammonia Refrigeration Center
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Gov. Asa Hutchinson spoke at Wednesday’s event and congratulated NWTI on the new phase of its development. He said there are 75 open positions in this field within a 150-mile radius of Northwest Arkansas and demand for the program is strong. He said the work to train more in industrial maintenance careers in the region and state is a good start and it’s going to take much effort and combined support from industry like this new project in Springdale.

“This program is critical to the state. There is a full commitment to NWTI because of the partnerships you have with industry. I want to call out Tyson Foods for identifying the need and then recruiting others to participate and solve this problem. … It’s important to recognize this is the only (public) ammonia refrigeration training program in the state. Demand is extraordinary in preparing workers in this field for employers such as Walmart and Tyson,” said Hutchinson. “If there’s anything I have learned about career education is you better meet the need of industry. Now let’s all work to make this expansion program a success.”